• Safe transportation of all types of cargo: dry bulk, general and oversized.
• Maximally short terms of delivery and providing full safety of the delivered goods.
• Reasonable freight rates from operators.

• Extensive geography of transportation: the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, the Caspian Sea, the Baltic Sea, The North Sea and inland waterways of Russia.

The main advantage of "Zemland shipping" is the partnership with charterers, which always allows find optimum and modern solutions even in the most difficult situations. Long and fruitful cooperation with a number of companies-experts is a clear confirmation of the effectiveness of the chosen strategy.

"Every day we are strengthening the company's image as a reliable and stable partner in the transportation by cargo vessels of "river-sea" class. We are continuously developing the quality of service for our clients with a personal approach to every problem. We improve the system of management by professional development of our personnel and crews of ships to guarantee the safety of navigation. Taking care of the environment, we strive to use the latest technical achievements in the sphere of environmental control and supervision in the sphere of navigation safety".

The Director of "Zemland Shipping" S.V. Chekusov.